What Is Green Juice?

Plenty of greens are necessary for good health, and a daily green juice is simply the best ways of ensuring  that get plenty of greens. With a green juice you can get the nutritional value of far more greens than you could comfortably eat.

So what is green juice?

Green juice is a mixture of green vegetables (and often other nutrients) mixed together, usually using a juicer or a blender (I prefer a blender). The purpose is to separate the juice from the pulp and then drink the juice, gaining from all the nutrients therein.

All you need is a juicer or blender  and some good quality greens, and of course the knowledge of which ingedients to use.  I also use a Nut Mylk bag to separate the juice from the pulp.

Why Green Juice?

When you start Green Juicing, you quickly realize the advantages:

  • you can consume vast quantities of vegetables, far more than you’d be able to by eating Imagine all those nutrients!)
  • you can take advantage of all the goodness from vegetables you normally can’t stand to eat
  • the nutrients enter your body more quickly, being easier to digest in liquid form
  • your imune system receives regular super-boosts
  • hunger and cravings can be defeated by all the nutrients you’re feeding your body
  • all the above can be achieved with drinks that actually taste great (even when the ingredients don’t!)

So as you can see, Green Juice can provide a massive boost to both your health and your feeling of well-being. I know it has with me.

For more information on how to get started, click on the juicer list.



Wikipedia is quite misleading, in my opinion, with it’s definition of green juice, though I absolutely concur that Kale is a great ingredient.

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